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Information Technology



Software / IT / Cyber Security / E-Commerce

Companies involved in the creation and development of the most advanced software, cloud / SaaS applications, information technologies, cyber security and e-commerce applications, including software, computer systems, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics.

Deliverables: A comprehensive market analysis detailing competitive implications and market opportunities for this log analysis, SIEM and visualization company. A business case and ROI model used by global sales team of this identity and cyber security company to show the value of their solutions. A project and IT implementation plan for a startup e-commerce retail company that integrated online store, online payments, warehouse and retail locations. A strategic testing plan, functional test procedure and a completed analysis of this company's software solution. A comprehensive policies review and implementation plan to improve customer service and support procedures for this developer of financial planning software.


Companies offering 5G, wireless and converged broadband networking, IP technologies, applications and services with customers and operations worldwide.

Deliverables: An operations and business development strategic plan to improve overall business operations and revenue for this nationally-know telecom billing and circuit management SaaS solutions company. Marketing strategy documents and project plans for multiple international projects that coordinated cross-functional and cross-cultural teams delivering custom technology solutions to customers in Germany and France. A product development plan for new product features and improvements for the US market. Also created strategic plan for an international sales conference.

Financial Services (FinTech)

Companies providing software (SaaS/cloud) tools and services for institutional and retail brokerage firms and individuals as well as direct providers of services.

Deliverables: Operations optimization and planning documents. Feature specifications, development plans and final versions of a custom CRM online software application that improved the cycle time of signing up new customers from a week to under 24 hours. Designed and developed remote hosted environment to run applications for clients.

Professional Audio / Electronics

Companies producing Professional Audio and Electronics technology for the corporate or home environments.

Deliverables: Strategic sales and marketing strategy for improved partner sales and new partner sign-up. Strategic plan to improve international sales and distribution by securing new business from Canada, Australia, Belgium, France, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Greece and Israel.


Companies providing design engineering services to the power, renewable energy and transportation industries including electric utility, power generation, rail freight and passenger/commuter rail companies.

Deliverables: Strategic market research report detailing the competitive implications of a recent merger of a project partner and a competitor including a detailed competitive profile and SWOT analysis based upon the research findings. A strategic business development plan to secure plant betterment projects from various power utility customers with simple cycle, combined cycle, and coal power plants. A detailed project scope, design and implementation plan for a planned corporate remodel project.

Measurement and Medical Technologies

Companies in advanced signal acquisition and processing as well as leading designers and manufacturers of advanced health and security systems and subsystems for Computed Tomography (CT), Digital Radiography (DR), Ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and Patient Monitoring equipment sold primarily to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Deliverables: Strategic sales and marketing plans for business expansion in Canada and in Germany. Market research report on potential use of infrared technology (IR) for healing in medical devices.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Companies producing consumer packaged goods, serving unique market niches with specialty food products.

Deliverables: Strategic launch plan for startup operation including product development strategy and implementation, market and channel development, and operations optimization. A go-to-market plan including the establishment of channels of distribution in retail, wholesale, and direct-to-consumer via an online store and direct mail/catalog operation. Financial analysis and costing model for a new product launch. A comprehensive company development plan including all operational, financial, and accounting aspects of setting up and running the business.


Companies producing power and automation technologies for utility and industry users, material handling vehicles - lift trucks, and electrical components for the home theater, professional sound, and outdoor speaker markets.

Deliverables: A design and implementation plan for a model transformer test and development at the Swedish plant of this global manufacturer. A strategic plan for IT inventory management and oversight at the German subsidiary of this international manufacturer. A strategic sales and marketing plan for dealer development for this international supplier.