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Granite Consulting Group, Inc. seeks to help you, as an entrepreneur or company executive, expand your business domestically and internationally through strategic and innovative planning. Planning is the foundation for any business success. As experts in business, finance, and technology, we specialize in finding creative and effective solutions to the challenges facing U.S. and International companies starting and/or expanding their business.

Strategic Business Planning

At whatever stage you find your company, strategic business planning needs to be first and foremost on your agenda. Some key questions you should always ask yourself is:

  • Where is my business going?
  • Who are my customers?
  • Are the products and services I offer meeting my customers' needs?
  • Where are my products in their product lifecycle? Am I competitive enough today? Will I be competitive enough tomorrow to sustain my business?
  • What other markets could I go after to grow my business in the future?
  • How cost effective is my current operations? Is there anything I can do to improve operations and reduce costs?
  • How effective is my current marketing? Am I truly reaching my customers with my message?
  • How effective is my sales operations? Do I have the right coverage and the right people in place?

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, we are here to help. We offer a thorough analysis and a customized program to answer the questions you have about your business and to help position your business for growth in the future.

Focus on 5 Core Areas

We focus on 5 core areas to strengthen your business for growth by finding and fixing functional misalignments between how things are done today and how things should be done in the future for organizational growth. These 5 areas include:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Financial Management
  • Operations
  • Product and Service Delivery
  • Human Resources

Indentify Value Streams

Each core part of your business contributes to the ultimate value you deliver to your customers through your products and/or services. To achieve improvement, we seek to understanding the current state of bringing value through your organization (value streams), develop expecations of what processes are important to improve/increase value, indentify the changes in processes, programs, policies, procedures and people necessary to get you to the new state and provide expertise to help you implement the changes required to get you there.

Financial and Operations Planning and Implementation

Financial planning is critical for any successful business. We can help you create a financial model that will help test a business concept, check for profitability, and determine the total investment needed to get started. Once you have established your strategy, we can plan and implement your accounting and financial system and operations. As experts in information systems and accounting programs, we can set up your company's financial reporting and accounting system and operations infrastructure.

Sales and Distribution Strategy Development

How will you sell and distribute your products? We can research and develop a sales and distribution strategy that can give a clear and efficient plan to sell and distribute your products. We can help you find your next distributor or develop a new sales channel. We have expertise in business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), online, direct mail, catalog marketing and distribution, and retail channel development.

Marketing and Promotion

We can plan and implement your marketing strategy both online and in print. From brand and logo design to complete promotional programs, we can provide a complete solution that will launch your marketing program including Web, e-commerce, PR, and online retail store design, brochures, direct mail pieces, catalogs, etc..

Market Research

We can provide market research and due diligence for your project. We can research the target market and determine the market opportunity for the business idea including an analysis of the market situation, total available market, target market, and competition.

Market-Entry Strategy Development

New market opportunities are found through research and discovery. How you reach those new markets takes planning. We are here to help you discover new opportunities for your business and to help create the strategy to go after those new opportunities.

Executive Leadership

We can provide temporary or contract executive leadership for CEO, COO, CTO, Managing Director and General Manager positions within your company. Contact us with your requirements.